New year's resolution for 2017: Love yourself

There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find ways in which you yourself have altered.
— Nelson Mandela
Love yourself unconditionally

Love yourself unconditionally

New Year is a great time for reflecting on changing what no longer serves you well.  

Each new year promises something better: more happiness, better health, more success. You start with high hopes for the coming year and you set your New Year’s resolutions accordingly.

Despite your best intentions, don’t you find that the majority of your resolutions are broken before the end of January?

So how do you create a better 2017 for yourself if it’s near impossible to keep the resolutions you make on the first of the year? 

You have to understand why it’s been so hard to change. You have to approach this from a totally different perspective. 

We humans are, thankfully, complex beings that quite often contain contradictory needs and feelings.

How many times have you recognised these push-pull impulses within yourself? You resolved to change your job in the new year but something held you back; you wanted to meet that special someone and start a family but somehow you found yourself making excuses for not going beyond the first dates…

When one part of you says “Yes” and another part says “No,” this creates an inner conflict. This conflict can prevent you from moving forward with your resolutions for the coming year.

The way that you can bypass this yes/no ambivalence within is to go deeper than the level of simply changing your habits.  To the part beyond the mind that is authentic and pure, bringing us to the only New Year’s resolution in 2017: Love yourself more.

So how would loving yourself more be good for you? The authentic part of you does not buy into the negative self-critical beliefs and stories that sabotages you. No matter how often or profoundly you slipped up, your authentic self is always rooting for you to do better. The authentic you does not make and break New Year's promises. The authentic you has tremendous potential just waiting to be tapped. It is your perpetual cheerleader and your champion.

When you love yourself, you give yourself permission to accept the person you are. You can then allow yourself to see beyond the negative stories and recognise that you’re more than just the sum of your possessions, looks, previous choices and outcomes. By loving yourself you free yourself from old scripts, can pursue your goals with greater clarity, purpose and determination. With self love you are a better person and can add more positive energy to your life and to the world.

When you love yourself, you can see yourself and others more clearly. It becomes easier to recognise what’s been holding you back from achieving your goals. This self awareness and self acceptance can help you change what needs to be changed more easily.

If you want a better 2017 then focus on self-love. Identify and let go of the negative stories about yourself and see yourself as someone with infinite potential. Recognise that there’s really nothing to stop you from pursuing your goals.

Loving yourself more makes you free to become the best possible version of who you can be.



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