transpersonal COUNSELLING is for you

You may have feelings of depression, anxiety, stress or general unhappiness. Perhaps you have self-critical thoughts or low self-esteem. You may have issues in your relationships or at work or are struggling with some aspect of daily living. Maybe you feel insecure for no apparent reason. Perhaps, you are experiencing a life crisis.

Whatever your difficulties, transpersonal therapy is for you if you want to feel better about yourself or are looking for deeper meaning and purpose in your life. 

The therapeutic process is like peeling an onion. Where layers of stuck emotions, old beliefs, and unhelpful behaviours are explored and discarded, recovering an empowered authentic you.

It will suit you particularly if you are experiencing a life crisis or if you are wanting to understand difficult feelings or experiences in your life.

This approach will be very supportive of you if you see your relationships as a vehicle for personal and spiritual growth and are committed to being as conscious in your relationships as possible.

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