What is Transpersonal COUNSELLING? 

Transpersonal counselling is a holistic approach focusing on positive influences. It encourages you to see your inner capabilities and view yourself as being in the process of reaching your true potential.

Transpersonal psychotherapy goes beyond alleviating suffering. It offers an opportunity to allow integration of different aspects of yourself including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. This leads to inner changes in how you feel about yourself as well as your relationship to the outer world. 

who is it for? 

For this type of therapy, it helps if you are spiritual or have a strong connection with personal growth or are particularly concerned with life's meaning and purpose.  If you are not, this certainly does not exclude you. 


I focus on connecting with you by addressing what you bring into the session. This is achieved through openness and acceptance of all aspects of you and your experiences, including working with dreams and visualizations.


This wonderful journey of healing and transformation will help you balance your mind, body, and soul, allowing you to live your life with freedom, consciously and joyfully.

Be free from negative emotions and self limiting beliefs