Transpersonal COUNSELLING helps you discover your true self.


I offer short and long-term counselling and psychotherapy for a range of issues in Kingston-Upon-Thames. In particular, healing from childhood trauma, life crisis counselling and entheogen counselling for those looking for integration. You can expect to gain a deeper and more complete understanding of yourself, your capacities, and your relationships, and you will leave equipped with the skills to help you deal with these beyond therapy. 


Since I started sessions with Urmila I have begun to see myself more clearly. She creates a safe and non-judgemental space and over time I felt I could tell her anything about myself. I felt fully supported but also challenged by her methods, as they encouraged me to trace the roots of my anxiety and to accept and understand my own feelings. Working with dreams, with visualisations and with drawings really suited me and helped me to have breakthrough realisations that really have changed my life. Since seeing Urmila I have made huge progress with the issues I was facing and have found the courage to make positive changes. Urmila is a truly kind and compassionate person and a wonderful therapist.
— Holly (January 2019)

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I offer safe and compassionate counselling and psychotherapy in Kingston-Upon-Thames and London where you can talk about what you find challenging in your life.

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