Since I started sessions with Urmila I have begun to see myself more clearly. She creates a safe and non-judgemental space and over time I felt I could tell her anything about myself. I felt fully supported but also challenged by her methods, as they encouraged me to trace the roots of my anxiety and to accept and understand my own feelings. Working with dreams, with visualisations and with drawings really suited me and helped me to have breakthrough realisations that really have changed my life. Since seeing Urmila I have made huge progress with the issues I was facing and have found the courage to make positive changes. Urmila is a truly kind and compassionate person and a wonderful therapist.
— Holly (January 2019)
Thank you so much for all your support and reflection over the past months. You have enabled me to see my world differently - clearer, simpler, happier!
I am so very grateful for this and feel like myself again!
— Lucy (May 2018)
I contacted Urmila through a recommendation from a friend. I had been through a very abusive relationship for years and lost a lot of confidence in myself. I couldn’t even admit this had happened to me before I met Urmila and blamed myself. Urmila’s compassion and her ability to make me feel comfortable about opening up to things, helped me move on with my life and deal with issues I had been burying.
— E.C, July 2017
Urmila is compassionate and kind. I felt instantly comfortable talking about experiences not discussed before. The results from my sessions have been life-changing and I’m so grateful to Urmila.
— Jasmine, June 2017
First, let’s get one thing straight: if you’re even considering counselling, you deserve to give it a go. I say this because I know I struggled with my supposed “right” to ask for this help, and oh am I glad I did. Others don’t “deserve” or “need” it any more than you do. Everyone deserves help.
I’ve been seeing Urmila for almost a year now (in two sets of about 6 months) and it has been an absolute pleasure to work with her. Her lovely, calmly positive demeanour is very settling. She is always attentive, patient, understanding and, I feel, truly cares.
She allows space for things to crop up, and has a great skill of pointing out the details I’m avoiding (consciously or not), or ones of importance that might seem trivial to me. Her ability to draw connections is very helpful, clarifies my thoughts and deepens my understanding.
Urmila’s approaches range from the traditional conversational counselling to more subtle or symbolic exercises, using imagery, even things like the choice of what to draw and the colours you used, to explore new aspects of your thoughts (If that’s something you’re open to!). She is very flexible in her methods, and I at least connected very well with her caring nature.
— M.P. (May 2017)
I really enjoy doing therapy with Urmila, she’s an amazing professional and I always enjoy our sessions. She transmits a sense of calm and she is also really intuitive. She constantly helps me to uncover valuable insights about myself which have been opening up space for me to become more whole and to grow as a person.
— F.G. (March 2017)
Urmila is the best counsellor I’ve ever dealt with. She is highly skilled in helping patients deal with trauma and abuse whilst addressing imprinted perceptions of self-hate.

Through her approachable demeanour, level headed approachable, soothing voice and empathetic heart, she has given me a safe place to start healing from personal abuse and trauma that previously seemed insurmountable. She has been working with me to take down that wall one brick at a time.

I’m very grateful for her counselling services and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking help for abuse, self-hate and turmoil.
— Grace (March 2017)
Urmila is a kind and empathetic listener, who provides an environment safe from judgement and full of understanding. She offers the perfect balance between asking insightful questions, and just listening to you explore your own feelings.
— Anonymous (client), March 2017