3 easy steps to calmness

Stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety

A little stress can be good for motivation. The tension that creeps up at the thought of talking to your boss or doing presentations, being interviewed or even meeting a new date can feel stimulating or even exciting. However, there comes a point beyond which the level of anxiety just feels uncomfortably stressful and this is when performance gets affected.

Many of us find it hard performing optimally under high anxiety. Unfortunately, at the very times when we need to be our best selves is when we get challenged with self doubts. Have you also noticed how quickly a little anxiety about one’s performance snowballs into something uncontrollable? 

Here’s one very quick and easy way to feel calm and in control when you feel anxious. It can even be done whilst in the middle of a stressful situation. As you go through the following steps you will feel calmer and you may notice that other people around you also become more at ease with you.

Here is a taster of my stress busting session.

Step one
First of all, notice that you are feeling anxious, uptight, tense, stressed or however it manifests in you. Don’t distract yourself from the discomfort. Simply note the physical sensations for a moment or two. It may be that you feel tightness in your shoulders, breathlessness, sweating, shakiness or unable to think clearly.

Step two
Feel the floor under your feet. If you’re sitting with your legs crossed, uncross them. Place both feet flat on the floor and feel the solidity underfoot.

Step three
Take 3 deep slow breaths. Breathing in and out through your nose, relax any tension in your body on the out breath. Feel you stomach rise and fall with each breath.

So, whenever you need a fast and easy way to relax notice what you are feeling. Feel the ground and breathe deeply. Relax your body with each exhalation.

Repeat as often as you wish to calm yourself when stressed or anxious. You could find yourself feeling more peaceful.